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Whether you are new to participating in therapy or if you are looking into new avenues of treatment, questions are common and natural as you begin your journey into psychiatric care. One common worry that individuals have is about a psychiatric evaluation, which is typically done when the patient meets their therapist and begins to develop a rapport.

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What’s a Psych Evaluation?

An evaluation is an assessment of your mental health by a care professional. They are done to check in with your mental state and get an idea of what types of treatment may be necessary to help you with your mental health issues. When taking advantage of psychiatric services clearwater, folks will be asked several questions and may also be shown images or exposed to audio recordings.

Assessments vary, so what you can expect from an assessment differs depending on the psychiatric professional as well as the individual and methods of treatment that may be explored. Types of evaluations include but are not limited to:

Lab Tests

Lab tests may be requested so that professionals can get a full history of your health in order to ensure that your symptoms are not due to underlying physical conditions. Tests can include getting blood drawn, taking a urine test, or getting a brain scan performed.

Physical Exams

Physical examinations are often performed by general doctors but can also be performed by psychiatric professionals. Physical exams look for conditions that may affect your mental health, such as thyroid disorders or neurological issues, in order to treat them and make sure medications do not interfere with your condition.

Cognitive Evaluation

Cognitive evaluations are likely what you have heard about the most an include things like inkblot tests. These evaluations are performed in order to find out more about how individuals think and feel so that their experiences can be processed and analyzed.

There’s no need to worry when you’re going to be seeing a new psychiatric professional now that you have an idea of what types of tests you can expect.